I am passionate about working with my intuition and serving my clients to get to the real core issue of their problem or dilemma. Diving deep to get to the root cause to eliminate wasting your time, energy and money just clearing symptoms only for them to return in a different guise.

My own healing journey began 20 years ago when as a Paramedic I had two serious ambulance crashes within the space of 18 months and on top of that, went through the breakdown of my marriage. That was a turning point for me and I knew it was my destiny to help people and embarked on my own personal development and healing path.

I trained in various modalities as an NLP Practitioner, Person Centred Counsellor, Journey Therapist, Reiki Master and Animal Healer and Communicator, Teacher/Trainer and Facilitator. Although, it was only when I found working with my intuition 5 years ago that I knew I had found my true calling.

So after nearly two decades of training and gaining knowledge, skills and experience in alternative healing methods, here I am today, older, yes 🙂 it happens to us all :-), but with the wisdom and clarity and experience from my own life’s journey to lead you a hell of a lot quicker to the freedom and clarity that you crave.

Right now, you may be expending a massive amount of energy trying to work out a logical solution to a problem you are facing and coming up short every time.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

You may be feeling stuck/confused/frustrated, at a crossroads in your personal or business life and not knowing which way to turn or which direction to take.

Don’t worry, I can help.


Deborah Marie Isis

I was amazed at how clear everything became just through one session with Deborah. She was so kind, and helped me to understand which way to go on an issue I’d been struggling with for so long.

One to one client